About Christy Williams

Minister, Speaker, Encourager, Wife, and Mother: Christy Jordan-WilliamsChristy Williams is the co-founder of Warrior Nations International Ministries, along side her husband Shawn Patrick Williams. She is a prophetic teacher and ordained minister to the Body of Christ. Christy has a burning desire to help others find hope, restoration, and discover their destinies through Jesus Christ.

Empowered to Shine

Her latest initiative is Shine Empowerment Network, a fresh platform for encouragement and spiritual nourishment. Many ladies are answering God’s call to shine brightly for their King and to pursue Him with steadfast devotion. The Shine Empowerment Network offers weekly teaching and encouragement via a free email newsletter, a weekly time of corporate fasting as the Spirit leads, and monthly brunches, worship and teaching. Learn more about Shine Empowerment Network on the Facebook page.

Christy discovered and speaks about the Father’s unconditional love, purity, and freedom to live victoriously by applying God’s Word in life. As a wife and mother, Christy understands the challenges and trials women face in trying to balance ministry and family. Christy is dedicated to raising her house of ministers and helping to equip, instruct, and impart to women and the Body.

Christy, her husband Shawn Patrick, and her four children Sethe, Isabella, Ada Grace, and John Ellison travel extensively across the United States and abroad speaking and ministering the Word of God to children, youth, and adults alike.

Christy holds an Associate in Arts degree from Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood, South Carolina and a Bachelor of Ministry from Dayspring Christian University. Christy lives in Greenwood, South Carolina with her husband Shawn Patrick and their four children.