I3 ministry centers are purposed to be an epicenter of revival in regions and cities. I3 should cause regional unity, regional evangelism, hunger for the Holy Spirit, expectation for the regional prophetic word, and a passion for living out the great commission in the believers life. i3 should be a place that of regional community believers. It should target the unchurched subgroups of our culture. I3 should never be a place of denominational condemnation, or exclusivity. It can’t compromise the pursuit of regional awakening for the sake of being ecumenical, but it should never allow that pursuit and passion to bring division , or spiritual pride to its framework.
It must target these subgroups regularly and create an atmosphere in the design, sound, message and application of this manual. If it ever becomes in “competition” with the local churches the main mission of i3 has failed. The mission is complete when a regional Body wide mindset of “going to church” shifts to “being the Church”. We are fully aware that religious entities will not embrace i3, but we fully believe there is a remnant in every city that is waiting for the call to assemble “Joel’s Army”.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about starting a i3 ministry center in your area, email me at shawnpatrick@warriornations.org . I have put together an extensive training on the concept and teaching about what the difference is between a traditional church and a training center. You can visit the main i3 ministry center 204 North Emerald Rd. Greenwood, SC 29646.

Gathering the Harvest for our King,

Bishop Shawn Patrick Williams