Plastic Platforms and False Foundations

by Dr. Shawn Patrick Williams

When I traveled to the Philippines last December, I had the chance to go to a place in Manila called Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain. This prayer retreat has prayer closets, huts and even an […]

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In his first 2010 fiction book Secret Sorcery the Deception Begins, Shawn Patrick Williams describes the novel like this, “The ancient prophecies of a global release of secret sorcery have been fulfilled!
Crowley’s deceptive efforts to use music as a tool to release a wave of witchcraft over North America have come of age. Paul […]

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The Church and Same Sex Marriage

by Shawn Patrick Williams

The Church is faced with its biggest challenge in decades. In global ecclesia, there is pressure to take a stance one way or the other on same sex relationships. People are drawing lines, and denominations have been split over this relevant cultural issue. The scripture […]

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Cultivating a Kingdom Culture

By Shawn Patrick Williams

As I have traveled around the world to share my testimony, one of the most significant blessings has been seeing the amazing diversity in the Body of Christ. I grew up in a denominational setting and I praise God that I did, because it was a very […]

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The New Breed of End-Time Intercessors

by Shawn Patrick Williams


Every spiritual awakening in the United States has been a response to the travailing of an army of intercessors within the Church, standing in the gap for our nation and pushing the forces of darkness back with a bombardment of heaven to intervene in […]

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TN Appalachian Mission Trip/Boot Camp 2015

Appalachian Mission Trip/Boot Camp 2015

Date: July 16th-20th 2015

Location: Newport, TN

Venue: Feed My Sheep Ministries 125 C Ave, Newport, TN 37821

(423) 625-3130



4pm Orientation & Welcome

4:15pm Introduction to Staff

& Introduction to the Week’s


5pm Meal

6pm Devotion and Training for […]

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America has been a safe haven for the Gospel for many years. Around the turn of the millennia, America celebrated the fifth centenary of the first preaching of the Gospel on its’ soil. We have been the largest missionary sending nation in the world for over a century shining as a beacon of light, hope […]

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February 24, 2015 Undaunted- Daring to do what God has called you to do Fast Time: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 6am-6pm

Thank you for your willingness to participate in what God is doing! Above all, please be Spirit-led as you fast. Please note that this is the designated time frame set forth by the Shine Empowerment […]

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In August the Holy Spirit started dealing with me about our ministries international focus being more in the Asian Pacific area and the “10/40″ window the years ahead. The World Harvest Pakistan Outreach was one of the most important and defining outreaches for WNIM since we started international evangelism.  I believe that the fastest church growth […]

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Shift! by Christy Williams

On December 22, 2014 By

Great News! It’s Time To Shift Into Promise! View this email in your browser December 16, 2014 Great News- A Shine Update Fast Time: Every Other Tuesday (1st & 3rd)

Thank you for your willingness to participate in what God is doing! Above all, please be Spirit-led as you […]

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