Warrior Nations International Fellowship

Gathering the Harvest and Advancing His Kingdom.

Warrior Nations Fellowship is a credentialing network of evangelistic, para-church ministries and churches. WNF is a cross-generational, cross-cultural ministerial fellowship that extends all national, international, and socioeconomic lines. We have a passion for God’s kingdom, family, community and the end time harvest. It is our desire for each member to know who they are in Christ based on God’s Word, what their authority is in the kingdom of God, and how to operate in our culture through the principles of God’s Word. Warrior Nations Fellowship believes that the Christian life is a life of faith and integrity.

Warrior Nations Fellowship’s mission is to recognize, develop, and release “Joel’s End-Time Army” into the body of Christ. We acknowledge the apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor and evangelist as current, functioning offices in the government of the Church. Warrior Nations Fellowship believes every Christian has a “place” in the body of Christ and we purpose to help and assist each believer to find that “place.”

We believe as each person understands who they are according to God’s Word, that they will find their place in the Body of Christ. As these ministries and believers are released back into the communities and nations, we will see God restore His Church back into the New Testament function in which it was created to function.

The process to get involved is simple and the expectation from us of the member is very simple, as well.

  1. Fill out and send in a complete application and fee to WNF, PO Box 2352, Greenwood, SC 29646 or email your application to shawnpatrick@warriornations.org and send the fees through pay pal.
  2. Participate in at least one of the three annual conferences.
  3. Give monthly as the Lord leads.
  4. Connect on our monthly Zoom meetings the 1st Tuesday night of every month at 7 pm.

Call the office for details, but make plans to attend these very powerful and refreshing events. If you are attending , please let us know in advance and we will set a time in the meeting for you to share.

If you are a WNF member you can set up one time or monthly re-occurring donations via this website at the top of this page. Simply click on the donation button and specify that your donation is for Warrior Nations Fellowship. All ministries are encouraged to give monthly as the Lord leads them. WNF thanks all is members for their prayers, participation and support for making this fellowship a strong and healthy end time work.

WNF does have teams that come to assist fellowship ministries, if requested. WNF provides covering, an advisory board, counseling and training materials,on going training for ministers, like-minded ministry connections and a newly added school of ministry called, “Impact School of Ministry”. If you are interested in joining the fellowship, or have questions do not hesitate to call. The links at the bottom of the page should answer all your questions, but we are available to help any way we can.

Gathering the Harvest and Advancing His Kingdom,

Bishop Shawn Patrick Williams, D.D.


Shawn and Christy

Key Contacts:

Bishop Shawn Patrick and Christy Williams, Founders 864-227-0508 office

Assistant Director Russ Tollison 864-447-7145

IHOPE Advisor     Faith Norris 864-984-4201

For more information, call us or click to download the documents below.

Note to all intl. applicants: Their is no application fee for over seas ministries, however you must complete the application and email  to info@warriornations.org in order to start the process.

Warrior Nations Fellowship Vision Brochure

Warrior Nations Fellowship Covenant Agreement
This is for ministries joining the fellowship. WNF covers church and para-church ministries.

Warrior Nations Fellowship Doctrinal Statement

Warrior Nations Fellowship Ministry Credential Application
This is for individuals joining the fellowship. WNF license and ordains people in traditional ministry, and/or “seven mountains” commission that Campus Crusade for Christ founder Bill Bright received in 1975, confirmed by other prolific voices in the Body. These seven mountains are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family and religion.

Disclaimer: WNF is a fellowship that is committed to building long term relationship with leaders, churches and ministries around the globe. We have been doing this since 2010 and have long term commitments in America, Asia and Africa. As we expand we receive request for funds, resources and teams to come in person to conduct meetings. We highly encourage to set up Zoom or Skype meetings first to get started.  All request for resources are reviewed by the board in the order they are received.

 Members-Only Resource Page