International Outreach

International Missions WNIM conducts annual International Outreaches in Canada, Africa, Asia, and parts of the U.K. currently. All the International Outreaches have different dynamics. From open air meetings to street evangelism, from daytime meetings in the hosting churches, to pastor’s conferences, and equipping the local ministers, WNIM strategically plans each mission to make the most effective impact in the country we are holding the mission in.

AFRICA: In Ghana and Nigeria, West Africa, we are holding annual large night open air meetings and providing workshops in the day with the hosting churches. WNIM currently has a well drilling project in Abinti II, Cross River State, Nigeria. We are helping with the building of schools and churches in Nigeria and Ghana. We are ensuring that the local ministries have dependable transportation to travel during evangelism outreaches. We are equipping local ministers with training materials, books, tapes, computers, and Bibles. WNIM has coordinated medical outreaches in these same areas. Nairobi, Kenya is the nation that Warrior Nation has held it’s largest outdoor crusade in the Kibira slums.

In 2019 Uganda, WNIM is working with networks for evangelism and church planting.

Africa 2014

Australia: In 2014 God has opened a door to evangelize the nation. Only 6% of the population confess to be “Born Again”. Most are Muslim, Agnostic, or Catholic. The door has opened there and WNIM is taking the Glorious Gospel of Jesus to them.  Warrior Nations has connected with many in this nation for ongoing evangelism outreaches annually. 

Glory City Church Altar call

Pakistan: From 2016 through 2019 God has opened the door to this nation and WNIM is working in Lahore and Karachi conducting ongoing crusades. We have evangelized 20 cites all over the nation and will continue to work in this 10th most persecuted nation in the world. Please read our blog on the update for this nation. 

Pakistan crowds pak flag

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The United Arab Eremites: WNIM is working with leaders in the Middle East which have outreaches in Dubai. WNIM has outreaches connected to this nation, as well.  

Asia:  From 2016 through 2019 God has opened doors to Asia and WNIM is conducting outreaches in China, The Philippines, India, Doha, UAE.

Europe: Warrior Nations has conducted meetings and street outreaches in many nation in Europe. France, England and Amsterdam being nations with street ministry being the themes. 

The Caribbean: WNIM has worked in Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica and Panama on numerous trips and continues to help with leadership, evangelism and church planting.

CANADA: In Canada we are holding Beyond the Darkness Exposè s to impact the churches with the Holy Spirit’s radical cry to live in holiness in the Body of Christ.

Mexico: WNIM has conducted outreaches in Mexico and has an ongoing relationship with ministries in this region.

WNIM has developed relationships with ministries that are located in the areas where we travel and conduct mission outreaches. For more information on our global outreaches contact our offices for current details on these and other projects.