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Rethinking Evangelism

  • What is the number one reason that people come to a church?
  • What are the characteristics of a church that has 70% or higher retention rates?
  • What pattern do we have in the Bible for the explosion of the New Testament Church evangelism?
  • How can the Church become relevant and beneficial to the community it serves without compromising the great commission?
  • How can the internet and viral methods of communication help catapult your church into a modern evangelistic atmosphere?
  • Why are the fastest growing religious organizations in the world outgrowing local churches?
  • Why is the traditional role of an evangelist still a critical evangelistic component in the modern Church?

Rethinking Evangelism will answer those questions and lay out a Biblical, proven strategy for long term growth in the Church. Rethinking Evangelism is designed to create an atmosphere of evangelism in the Church. Most churches do not grow because they are not structured for growth.
Rethinking Evangelism will give you fresh insights into what the top growing churches in the U.S. are doing and help layout a strategy for evangelism that fits the character of your congregation.