As I think back to Oct 2002 and remember the Lord burning in my heart a passion to see America come back to Christ and the commissioning He birthed in Warrior Nations this 14 years ago I would have never imagined all the things He had prepared for us!

1 Corinthians 2:9 (KJV), “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

As I look back and see how many other people God had in mind when He started Warrior Nations, I understand that it was really was on His mind the entire time. This October marks 14 years, 27 nations, 26 denominations and over 115,100 decisions for the glory of the Lord.  We have seen well over 1100 minister’s surrender into a call into the ministry over this time. Warrior Nations has helped over 37 “para-church” and ministers launch during this time, as well. We are still preaching and believe that God is not done yet!  Will you stand with us?

I want to thank all the partners that have stood with Warrior Nations through the years. We all have a reward in Heaven because of these decisions.  When we stepped out from a job to go full-time, you were there. When we decided to go to the nations in 2007, you were there. When we started writing critical books to empower the saints, you were there.  When we started doing the rethinking evangelism street outreaches, prisons, prayer or the media outreaches- you were there! Thank you for the prayers, love and support. Our family thanks you, as well as, all the people that have been touched through this ministry.

                                            I want to share some stories with you.

Chris wrote a letter to us from a prison in TX. He said, “I didn’t even realize the cycles the devil had over my life and how he deceived me, until someone in jail gave me one of your books. I read your testimony and some of the teaching. It was like a light bulb came on. I could see the cycles and now God has set me free. Thank you! Please send more books.

Pastor Jeff from The Bridge Church in Kentucky wrote this, “Thank you Shawn Patrick for your obedience and tenacity in the faith. So many lives saved, changed and reconciled this weekend.”

Russ wrote, “I found myself at the end of the road for my life. I felt abandon and all alone. I had to pull over a parking because I could not see to drive because of the tears streaming down my face and Shawn Patrick Williams called on the phone. He was able to pick up on the spirit of suicide that I was really struggling with at that time and was able to counsel me and pray with me through that situation. One of the biggest things that I love about Shawn and Christy is that they are real genuine/transparent leaders that show the love of Jesus to the people that they come in contact with. Without them I probably would not be sitting here today.

Francine called our office one day and said, “You came to a rehab where I was in GA to share your testimony. I gave my life to Jesus then, but had a struggle when I got out.  I moved 2 or 3 times after I got out, but these annoying Warriors’ Word newsletters seemed to keep following me. One day I read a message on radical grace in the newsletter. God touched me and now I am in full time ministry. Thank you for not giving up on me.

Philip, a teen from FL said, “I went to one of your Beyond the Darkness meetings. You were talking about the power of music, good and bad. I thought you were crazy at first, but God began to show me how I made compromises in my music that led to compromises in my life. No more half way in, for me. I’ve closed that door and can see a major difference in my life.

A lady from TN came into one of our meetings recently. She had tried to stab two pastors and church members with a knife over the past two years in a small town called, Harriman. One of the church elders brought her to one of our meetings. When we prayed for her in the name of Jesus Christ, a spirit was broke off her life. She got up a brand new woman and testified in her right mind the next night that Jesus Christ set her free from mental torment and sleepless nights! You couldn’t even tell she was the same woman.

You believe in Jesus. I want to know more. Tell me about eternal life and what will happen after death. Tell me about heaven.” Johan Van Jaersveld from South Africa

This year Warrior Nations has been awarded a $120,000 Google ads grant and guess what we are spending the free ads on? That’s right, the message of salvation. This message above and many more are coming in daily to WNIM.  In four months’ time Warrior Nations has presented the Gospel to 2.39 million people with 25,000 thousand second clicking on the message of salvation and many of those have reached out directly to our ministry for help! So much that we have commissioned a volunteer to help me just with the follow ups. Praise the Lord! We are currently only using half the budget at this point, but are developing the program to maximize the grant and the landing pages and ad words. We need help and your support. The grant only covers the ads, not the man power to admin the follow ups.  We are reaching millions through this new online outreach. We are also partnered with a liaison of Campus Crusade to place any decision made online straight into a bible believing church anywhere in the world. Please keep us in prayer as the Holy Spirit is developing this outreach. It has the potential to make a massive impact online and we need to hire another person for administration.

In August 2014 the Holy Spirit started dealing with me about our ministries’ international focus being more in the Asian Pacific area and the 10/40 window in the years ahead. After 10 years of major evangelism in Africa, the Holy Spirit shifted our focus. The 10/40 window has 3 billion un-reached Muslims, Buddhist and Hindus! The last days harvest and the fastest church growth the world has ever known will come from this area. Since that time we have been to Australia, Pakistan, China, The United Arab Emirates, The Philippines, and India which are all in the 10/40 window. We have seen 1000’s come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ since that time. Home church planting strategies are growing fast there because of persecution and WNIM has been working with indigenous leaders to plant new churches were there have been previously none. God is moving on this project and we want to keep moving with Him.

Warrior Nations needs your help!

Fourteen years ago, my wife Christy and I launched Warrior Nations. We took all of her $500 of retirement and paid for the IRS fee to become a non-profit organization recognized by our Federal government. We have been traveling and sharing this radical message of grace and holiness ever since!  We now have four kids, a small army of volunteer staff and the mission is still the same. I want to thank the Remnant Partners of Warrior Nations for standing with this ministry to preach the Gospel in these last days. We have a handful of people who have stood with us since the beginning in 2002 and we want to say thank you so much. We can’t do it without your continual prayers and monthly support. My family thanks you for all your prayers and support. Thirty-five percent of the ministry budget comes from love offerings, five percent from book sales and sixty percent of the ministry budget is from partners and people just like you that believe we are in the last days and believe in the fruit of salvations God has harvested through this ministryWe can’t do it without you. Please continue to stand with WNIM in these last days!

If you have partnered with us, or given a one-time donation in the past,

would you consider standing with this ministry again?

WNIM is praying for 100 new people to make a commitment of new monthly partnership in order to meet the 2017 budget and continue the WNIM outreaches! If you have never given to Warrior Nations, or taken a step of partnership, would you consider taking the challenge? We are on the front lines and need your help.

“So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly, or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. And is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work”2 Corinthians 9:7-8.

Please prayerfully consider taking the Warrior’s challenge!

  1. Commit to PRAY for the ministry, outreaches, & the staff regularly!
  2. Commit to SUPPORT the WNIM outreaches financially every month with $30, $50, $100,  $200, $500, $1,000 or more. No amount is too small! Thank you so much!

You can give securely on our website at www.warriornations.org or you can mail your seed to:


PO BOX 2352

Greenwood, SC 29646

Facts about WNIM Outreaches: WNIM is a 501 c-3 Christian non-profit organization that annually conducts prison ministry, international crusades and pastor conferences, church planting, mission trips for training to the next generation of evangelist and missionaries, medical clinics, humanitarian efforts/helping water wells and filters, distributing toys to needy children, media evangelism, evangelism publishing, evangelism training and support, revivals, pastoral supply, prayer conferences and rally’s, ladies conferences, mentoring training and discipleship programs, leadership network and conferences, radically challenging youth and college outreaches, evangelism webinars and much more.

Together We Are Gathering the Harvest for Our King,

Reverends Shawn Patrick and Christy Williams

Warrior Nations International Ministries Founders




Shawn and Christy


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